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The Butts County School System appreciates the contributions of the community businesses and organizations that help make our schools a better place to learn and work.

If you are interested in becoming a Butts County School System Partner in Education, please contact Mr. Robert Costley at (770) 504-2300.


Partners in Education Inaugurated SY2019

 Friends in Education Inaugurated SY2019

  • Jennifer Blanton


 Partners in Education Inaugurated SY2018


Friends in Education Inaugurated SY2018

  • Jenny Brown                                
  • Rev. Charles Barlow
  • Frankie Willis
  • William K "Pete" Malone


Partners in Education Inaugurated SY2017


Friends in Education Inaugurated SY2017

  •  Let's Wrap
  • Shoes for God's Children
  • Thomas "T" Carmichael
  • Mrs. Jeanette Weaver


Partners in Education Inaugurated SY2016


Partners in Education Inaugurated SY2015

Partners in Education Inaugurated SY2014


















181 N. Mulberry St. | Jackson, GA 30233 | Phone: (770) 504-2300 | Fax: (770) 504-2305