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Draft of the New BCSS " Purpose Statement and Commitments" back button

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DRAFT BCSS Purpose Statement

The Butts County School System would like our community's feedback on the current draft of the new BCSS "Purpose Statement and Commitments."

Our goal was not to create the "perfect" statement, but one that most of us could understand and support. In fact, we learned over the last 18 months that drafting the statement was a more difficult task than we first thought. We had to be careful to not allow it to be too wordy and meaningless. The more ideas we put into the wording, the more complex and complicated it got. 

So, we took a step backwards and shortened it again. It HAD to be easy to read, easy to remember, and easy to explain.

And what it came down to was what we think we owe every child and every one of their families:

We want to take each child who learns in our school system and help that child reach his/her potential so that they are ready to take their place in the world when they leave us.

Please read over the current draft of our Purpose Statement and "10 Commitments" we feel we have to strive for in order to be the school system you deserve. Then, we invite you to take an easy 4-question survey and tell us what you think by clicking this link:

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